Hanson Columbus 10/7/09 set list
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Just for my own personal reference. Great show!






















My Weekend in Pictures
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This is my third Labor Day Weekend that I've spent shopping garage sales in Johnstown, OH. Lamest yet. But I got a few pictures that describe the weekend. So I will try to salvage an otherwise disappointing weekend with this wildly entertaining post.

I ventured over to Johnstown on Friday morning. Found a few decent things, but nothing too exciting. I was hoping to fill my truck to the brim with treasures.

One thing I did find was Appleton, OH. I got one picture of a tree stump being used for a mailbox post.


And found out that the creepy building in the background is an old school, the Bennington-Liberty Township School


I could see an old chalkboard through one of the busted out windows.

Here's an abandoned farmhouse.


Why is abandoned stuff in the country interesting and abandoned stuff in the city an ugly blight? Anyways...

Honestly, all day I was thinking nervously about a camera I'd seen on Craigslist, praying that I would get it. I've had quite a few deals taken right under my nose, so I didn't want this one to get away. I'd emailed back and forth with a guy about a Canon 20D DSLR camera and he said we could meet that afternoon in the Mill Run area to pick it up. Most of you know that Mill Run and Johnstown are nowhere near each other, so I headed over there in the afternoon and had to wait for a phone call to come pick the camera up.

I saw this lovely license plate near Tuttle Mall:


I was killing time in the Mill Run area and decided to visit Garden Ridge, somewhere I worked ten years ago. It was fairly new then, maybe two or three years old. Now it's ten years older than that and is crap. The orange is all faded on the outside and has never been updated. The overhang of the entrance is actually rusty, and instead of cool decor and craft stuff, they sell junk like this:


and this

Bacon and bra accessories! Don't get much better than that!!!

I got a haircut, then headed home since he didn't call. (My haircut lady sympathized with me as she tried to correct the horrendous cut I'd received last time) He called about an hour after I got home, and I went and picked up my shiny new camera. Woooo!!!!!!!!!!!

So Saturday I went back out to Johnstown. Didn't find much. Got really tired then got lost driving around in the country.

I ended up in Croton. There's nothing there. Nothing.

But this pretty truck for sale:


DQ Sign Fail
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Ewww! Blizzard Cakes HAHA

DQ Sign Fail

In my effort to piss off everyone I know... The Depressing sermon
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The depressing sermon about depression.


There was a sermon a couple of weeks ago entitled “I have a friend who… is totally depressed.”  The sermon discussed depression, its causes, treatments, and a little bit about what to do if you’re a friend of someone who’s depressed.


As someone who struggles almost constantly with depression, I frankly was very discouraged by this sermon.  I think it tried to cover too much ground and ended up covering nothing.  It didn’t get to the heart of any aspect of depression.  It actually emphasized medication more than counseling or relying on the fellowship of a Christian community.  Apparently the first thing we should do if we’re depressed is see our doctor.  What about a trusted Christian friend?  What about getting recommendations of a good Christian counselor?  What about natural supplementation?  What about all the nasty side effects of these magic pills?  I believe seeing a doctor is important, but you have to be very careful about who you see.  I think some of my depression is related to my thyroid, so treating my thyroid would help me more than antidepressants.  So if a doctor wants to give you antidepressants without any investigation, walk away.


The only tidbit of advice that this sermon gave about how to be a good friend to someone who’s depressed is to not tell the depressed person to pray more or have more faith.  I agree that this is good advice, but for a sermon entitled “I have a friend who is totally depressed” I’d expect a little more than that.


I guess I’ll take a stab at that question.  First of all, it’s not enough to say, “Call me if you need to talk.”  Someone who’s depressed isn’t all about taking initiative, especially at their worst.  I think people do this to feel better about themselves, you feel like you’ve done something without actually doing anything at all.  If you want to really be a friend to someone who’s depressed, you need to initiate some contact, even if it appears to be rejected.  Depressed people often feel invisible, and I really think it’s because people treat them that way because it’s easier to ignore them than to risk some uncomfortable exchange.  And then initiate the contact again.


And when you talk to them, show some respect.  I’ve been treated like I’m stupid because I’m depressed.  People have tried to reason me out of my feelings.  Telling me I shouldn’t feel alone, sad, like an outcast, etc. because of whatever reason.  This just makes me feel more alone, and confirms that neither you nor anyone else ‘gets’ me at all. 


One of the areas where you need to show respect is the decision to medicate or not.  I personally have chosen not to medicate, but I have also known people who have been given flack for choosing to medicate.  I was in a group situation where I chose to make my struggle with depression known, and I got a flood of people telling me to take medication without even asking what my opinion was.  They were so patronizing as to include in the group prayer that I would become comfortable with taking medicine and realize that it didn’t show weakness in my faith.  Yet another situation where I knew I couldn’t discuss my depression with this group of Christians anymore. 


I will share why I have chosen not to medicate.  I believe that my depression is spiritually and biologically based.  I think I know myself better than any of you do.  Second, I believe that God created our bodies to process what is found in the natural world.  Artificial chemicals usually do more harm than good.  This fact has already been shown to be true in many instances.  Anti-depressants are associated with suicide attempts in adolescents.  They have been shown to kill the beneficial bacteria in the intestine, thus lowering immunity and causing malnutrition.  They’ve also been shown to increase water retention and weight gain, the last thing I need.  Also, the long term effects of these drugs are not known; the people who are taking these drugs are the guinea pigs.  So, for me, no thank you.   You’ll notice that none of my reasoning has to do with me thinking it would show weakness or being concerned about what people think of me.  As far as I’m concerned no one has the right to judge how I deal with this, especially someone who does not struggle with depression.


Medication is an area where if you choose to bring up the subject, you need to ask questions first.  Why has your friend chosen to medicate or not?  And then listen.  If you think their reasoning is flawed, gently point it out and present it as simply your opinion.  You can’t force it one way or another, and if you’re disrespectful you will accomplish nothing but making the person feel more alone and hopeless.  Once again, depressed people aren’t stupid, they’re depressed.


I can not speak for all people who’ve struggled with depression, but if we choose to open up to you, first of all take it as a compliment.  I’m very careful about who I talk to about what I’m going through.  Also, please don’t try to fix me.  I need to know that someone accepts me just the way I am, and if I feel like you see me as an improvement project, I’ll just feel rejected.  Not every discussion I have has to be about my problems.  Make an effort to get to know me.  There’s more to me than my depression, though it may not look like it at times.  And let me get to know you too.  I sometimes feel like people deflect the conversation back to me because I’m the one that’s needy and needs fixed.  One of the things that will help me, and I believe other depressed people, the most is taking the focus off of ourselves and our little world. 


One last thing to keep in mind.  Even if your friend shows some improvement and does well for awhile, it is likely that she will struggle again, maybe in a month or in a year.  I know it is very tempting to think that this person is cured, so you don’t have to deal with her anymore, but it’s likely not true.  So if you’re not in it for the long haul, don’t even bother.  I’ve seen people lose interest in me as soon as they think I’m “better” and move on to the next project.  Earn your points with Jesus somewhere else.  I can’t take it.

Brice Rd Ghost Town
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The last clothing sale of the year is at a church on Brice Rd.  That was why I was on Brice Rd yesterday evening.  Otherwise there wouldn't be many reasons for me to be there.  (Yes Magic Mountain and the JC Penney Outlet is there but that's about it).

Columbus is well known for building up a commercial area and then abandoning it 15-30 years later (City Center, Northland, Westland, Brice Rd, ) and moving farther out (Pickerington, Tuttle, Polaris, Easton, Grovetucky).  Brice Rd though is especially striking.  I felt like I was driving through the ruins of a past civilization.  I mean, the Meijer there was empty.  So was the Target and the Chi Chis and the Bob Evans, etc.  It's so bad there that they actually tore down a huge shopping center that used to have Babies R Us and a bunch of other stores in it.  Now it's just a huge parking lot surrounded by nothing, except the JC Penney Furniture Outlet.

So, drive through the ruins of a past civilization and join us at the Dayspring Community Church this Friday and Saturday for gently used children's items at great prices!

You will also get to drive through the town of Brice, and see the church with the sign spelled wrong on both sides asking you to "enoll" in their preschool!  It's also across the street from the Rod Parsley athletic compound.  And Schact family farm.

I Got a DS
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I got a DS for my birthday and I want to find cool games for it.  I compiled a small list of games I will look out for. In no particular order:

1. Slitherlink (Only released in Japan) This game looks cool, but I am a math geek.
2. Sonic Rush
3. Kirby Canvas Curse
4. Meteos
5. Elite Beat Agents
6. N+
7. Picross
8. Line Rider 2 Unbound
9. Touchmaster
10. Advance Wars Dual Strike
11. Soul Bubbles (got it)
12. Magnetica
13. Hotel Dusk Room 215
14. Yoshi's Island DS
15. Rhythm Heaven
16. Puzzle Quest
17. The World Ends With You
18.Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
19. Planet Puzzle League
20 Viva Pinata
,Professor Layton and the Curious Village

22. Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble

23. Metroid Prime Pinball
24. Emergency! Disaster Rescue Squad
25. Theme Park
26. FIFA 09


I also want Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros, Yoshi's Island(Advance), Brain Age 1 and 2, Big Brain Academy, and Hannah Montana (just kidding).

An article about a new dinosaur discovery with my commentary in italics
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A discovery in China has prompted researchers to question the scaly image of dinosaurs.

Previously, experts thought the first feathered dinosaurs appeared about 150 million years ago, but the find suggests feathers evolved much earlier.Translation: We have no idea what we're talking about. But trust our conclusions until the next discovery blows our theories out of the water

This has raised the question of whether many more of the creatures may have been covered with similar bristles, or "dino-fuzz".We ask this question because we don't know.

The team describe the fossil in the journal Nature.

Hai-Lu You, a researcher from the Insitute of Geology in Beijing, was part of the team that discovered the fossil.

"Maybe all dinosaurs, even the predominantly scaled ones, had fuzzy parts" "Maybe" means we're just guessing.
Lawrence Witmer
Ohio University

He told BBC News he was "very excited" when he realised the significance of what his team had found.

He described the filaments seen on the body of the new dinosaur, which the team has named Tianyulong confuciusi, as "protofeathers" - the precursors of modern feathers.Another stab in the dark. Letting their presupposition that birds evolved from dinosaurs shape their view of this discovery

"Their function was probably display, as well as to keep the body warm" he said."probably" also means "we don't know."

Dr You's team noticed that the filaments on the base of their dinosaur's tail were extremely long.

These, they suggest, might have evolved for show, and may even have been coloured. "might" and "may" are not very decisive or confident terms, can also be translated as "we don't know"

"The world of dinosaurs would [have been] more colourful and active than we previously imagined," he said.

Muddying the water

Dinosaurs can be categorised into two large families - the Saurischia and the Ornithischia.
Dinosaur fossil
The filaments or 'protofeathers' are clearly visible on the fossil

The Saurischia family includes the theropods - thought to be the ancestors of modern birds. Fossils of these dinosaurs have revealed that some of them were feathered. "thought" to be just means that this is their best guess at the present time

But the newly-discovered dinosaur is a member of the Ornithischia group - all previously thought to have reptilian scales. "previously thought" means they think they've been wrong for a very long time.

Professor Lawrence Witmer, a paleontologist from Ohio University, says this "really muddies the waters" of what researchers know about the origin of feathers. "muddies the waters" means we were real condifent about our feather theory, and ridiculed you for not believing it, but OOOPS! Sorry. Got that one wrong too and now we KNOW we don't have a clue.

It suggests that their origin might go right back to the earliest ancestors of all dinosaurs - more than 200 million years ago."suggests" means they're just guessing again

"The bad news is that something we thought was neatly wrapped up is now not so neat," said Professor Witmer. I see this as great news, yet not surprising.

"We now need to rethink what the coat of the ancestral dinosaurs actually was." Silly evolutionary scientists

He added: "But the good news is that we can now look at existing evidence with new eyes - going back to old fossils and asking if there is evidence of any of these filaments." Translation: Because of previous ignorance and prejudice, scientists have been looking at fossils and missing important details for a looong time

The team, who named the dinosaur after the Tianyu Museum of Nature, where the fossil is housed, also dedicated part of its name to the philosopher Confucius to reflect how it has changed the modern view of dinosaurs.

"Maybe all dinosaurs, even the predominantly scaled ones, had fuzzy parts," added Professor Witmer.

"And if they were covered in a fuzzy coat, what does that tell us about their physiology? Perhaps they were warm-blooded. And therefore not even reptiles???

"We now need to think completely differently about the evidence we already have." Get ready for your trusty textbooks to change (again) while the Bible remains the same Praise God

Hi everyone
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How are you today?

Strong Bad on Grammar
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Your gonna like this...


Another Bright Idea
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I know the Federal Government does not shop in the store where they sell bright ideas, but I'll share one anyway.

I love how the government is all outraged over the salaries of CEO's of companies that have taken stimulus money. Actually writing into law what a private company can pay their top employees to avoid abuse of taxpayer money.

Y'all could have made this much simpler.

1. Don't give stimulus money in the first place.
2. Companies and executives that are irresponsible with executive pay or other decisions reap the natural consquences of running their companies poorly, like going out of business or getting fired.
3. A more well run company takes their place providing whatever service the stupid company did, or another executive gets a chance to run the company.

I can't tell you how offensive it is to me that people think it's ok for the government to tell private companies how to compensate their employees. It's none of their dang business. And, to people who aren't that analytical, that doesn't mean that I agree with excess and abuse, it's just that I believe in freedom. And that includes the freedom at times to be an idiot.

I realize that the government will not follow anything I've mentioned, because their purpose really isn't to do what's best for the country, but rather themselves. They want more power, and they want you to look to them for answers. What's the government going to do?

Looks like they're succeeding pretty well with most of you.


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